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Wooden fencing is a popular choice of fencing for many residential and commercial privacy fencing projects. Most people install fences as a way of privacy, and most of them are wooden fences. Wooden privacy fences are easy to install; they are quite durable and look amazing.

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You can be creative with wooden fences, and they give your house or business an authentic look that other types of privacy fences fail to provide. As a popular fencing company in Dayton, OH, we have built up a reputation in the city. If you need quality privacy fencing, we are here for you. Our woodworks are the best in the city when we do wooden privacy fencing for you. It’s not only the installations that we perform but also the repairs and maintenance. A beautiful looking wooden fence requires proper maintenance. You need to clean it, stain it, paint it and keep it in the best shape if you want to make the fences to increase the aesthetic value of your house. If you have a wooden privacy fence at your house, we can get the necessary repairs. Repairs such as removing rotting wooden panels, changing rusted nails, painting the fence are some of the things we do as repairs.

At Prime Fence Contractor, we are very pleased to offer you a wide selection of options of wooden privacy fences. You can look at our catalog to choose from the various color, designs, and wood types available. We promise you highly durable wooden fences that do not get affected by moisture, do not get termites and ants. These wooden privacy fences are pressure treated and act as strong privacy fences.

Some of the common reasons why people prefer wooden fences as privacy fencing is because they blend with the environment well. They are environmentally friendly, and they go well with your garden and landscape. They are rugged and look beautiful. They are opaque, so offer the necessary privacy you need.

We believe in 100% satisfaction of the customers. When you want to contact us to install wood fencing on your house, you can be assured that we are providing good quality materials and meticulous attention to detail.

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