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Kentucky Board Fence or horse fence, are used to keep cattle enclosed. As the name suggests, it’s primarily used for horses but also for cows, sheep, lamas, and other types of domestic animals in the farmland. These fences are mainly made of wood and rarely with vinyl.

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The height of the fence can vary with respect to the type of animal you have. For horses, the height would be different than for sheep. Our experts can not only help you install the fence, but we can also help you determine the right height of the fence for your cattle enclosure. Kentucky Board Fences can also keep your farmland safe from animal gazing. If you want to construct such an enclosure, you know who to call. Prime Fence Contractor is a known name in Dayton for quality fencing, including for Horse Fences. We are experts in fencing technology. We have all the necessary tools, training, and experience to go with the proper installation of Kentucky Board Fence.

We promise you a durable fence with high-quality wood at an affordable price. Our fences are perfect for keeping your cattle in place. They are installed in a way that your animals don’t escape the enclosure, but open enough for you to keep an eye on your cattle.

Kentucky Board Fence are also one of the most affordable options in fencing today. We install most of the Kentucky Board Fence in Dayton. We have done this installation for many farmers, and we are the favorite of many. If you need service, whether it is for installation or repair, just give us a call.

Horse Fencing of Prime Fencing Contractor has unrivaled rigid intensity and a springy feel. The galvanized wire, nails, and screws will not wear out or get bent due to the outside weather. Because of the additional vertical strength and rigidity, the proper installation prevents the fences from buckling or sagging. Its versatility makes it ideal for mounting on hilly or rocky terrain.

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