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Welcome to Prime Fence Contractor. We are a family-owned and operated a highly successful company in Dayton. We have installed thousands of fences over the year in Dayton, OH, and in the surrounding areas.

We have serviced commercial and residential fencing projects with ease. No matter the size of the fencing project, we have taken it with zeal. We have been operating in Dayton for more than 30 years, and we have built a good reputation with our work. Our professional team works with efficiency without compromising on the quality of work. Whether you are looking for a classic picket fence for your Dayton house or Chain link fence for a school, we can provide both with the best possible material.
Wood Picket Fence

Wooden Picket Fence

Wooden Picket fences are classic in appearance. The way they look doesn’t do much on privacy or security, but they stand for many suburban areas. They look uniform and help you blend in with your neighbors. It can be good to bounder your property and make it look proper and clean.
Vinyl Fence

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences can be any type of fence you need. They can be molded and painted into wooden fences, stone walls, metal fences, and many other types of creative fences. We have a high demand for vinyl fences, and we can install them to the best of our ability.
Ornamental Aluminum Fence

Ornamental Aluminum Fence

Ornamental Aluminum fences are just like rot iron fences. They are much cheaper and easier to maintain. They can be molded to look like rot iron, but the lightweight and malleable makes it easy to install, making it one of the best ones among metal fences.
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Wooden Privacy Fence

Wooden fencing are affordable, easily accessible, and easily unstable fences. They look great installed, giving the needed privacy. They can prevent your pets from jumping to the neighbor’s property, prevent them from barking at strangers on the block. You can enclose your backyard and spend time with your friends and family there without being observed. It gives you peace of mind when you have a wooden privacy fence, and your kids would be much safer with wooden privacy fencing.

Aluminum Fence

Aluminum is a popular metal fence. They can be an ornamental type of standard privacy fencing made of aluminum. They are highly durable, rust-resistant, water-resistant, and low maintenance metal fences. They are perfect for people who are bust and don’t get time to clean the house, and it’s components like the fence. They don’t need to be painted or given any other treatment to be durable. This makes them far less expensive than steel and other types of metal fencing. If you need a reliable company that will get you authentic aluminum fences, we are here for you.

Chain Link Fence

We are excerpts that are installing Chain link fences for commercial fences. Commercial fences are highly effective in securing the area and cost fraction of the costs of many other types of fences. They can be adjusted for height, but usually, they are pretty high to keep trespassers out. They are not easy to climb on, due to small groves instead of big ones.

Horse (Kentucky Board) Fence

We specialize in Horse (Kentucky Board) fence. We have installed and repaired them for farmers and cattle owners. We know how ro build robust and durable horse fences. We use the best material and make them with professional care, so they stay as they are for years to come.

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We have installed privacy fencing, security fencing as well as beautiful looking decorative fencing. Whether you’re looking for a bit of protection or just trying to keep your kids and pets safe in your yard, our experts have the know-how and experience to help you get the ideal fence installed. Like other Dayton-area fencing providers, you get better client satisfaction and the best fencing for you, not the fence that other firms are willing to offer you. We believe in doing the best thing for our clients, and every job we do is carried out to the highest expectations of the industry.


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